Lunettes Kollektion

Lunettes Kollektion

Born in Berlin, Lunettes Kollektion sparkles with new creative energy while staying grounded in history, just like the city it calls home. This sophisticated high-quality collection introduces the next set of contemporary classics in European eyewear design. Lunettes Kollektion’s original unisex frames for prescription glasses and sunglasses allow the wearer’s individuality to shine through with elegance and authenticity.



Designed with an accent on aesthetic detail, all of the glasses in Lunettes Kollektion are painstakingly produced using traditional methods. The frames start with the highest quality Cellulose Acetate, a hypoallergenic and renewable natural material that is the specialty of Italy’s Mazzucchelli, which has been plying its craft since 1849. Based on wood and cotton fibers, Cellulose Acetate provides Lunettes frames with a rich range of colors, an easy-to-wear lightness, and a reliable flexibility.

In its latest designs, Lunettes presents a new openness. Models Chiqueria and Peut-être integrate the Nylor technology, a transparent high-tension nylon thread that allows for a rimless effect. Here, Lunettes Kollektion’s design team has punctuated the clean transparency of Nylor with strong frame elements to create seriously playful eyewear.

Lunettes Kollektion frames are assembled by hand at small, family-run factories in Italy and Germany. The expertise of these production partners helps provide a seamless melding of old-fashioned quality and modern design, which exemplifies the philosophy and values of Lunettes Kollektion, and at the same time, supports small businesses and minimizes the brand’s carbon footprint.



Lunettes Kollektion offers today’s discerning trendsetters, designers, and trail- blazers eyewear with a point of view and a flash of wit. Fine materials and modern design set the stage, while the refined forms subtly reference iconic frames from the annals of style and history.

The brand’s latest looks show that what goes around comes around. The seven new frames pictured here circle back to the classic round eyewear shapes favored by intellectual individualists, including John Lennon, Jackie O, and Sigmund Freud. With their global appeal, these new models add contemporary nude and pastel colors to the curves while striking a chord with contrasting lenses.

Each model is created and named according to a clear and clever concept, merging the contemporary and the classic. »Remis« is optimistic yet darkly intellectual. »La Passante« blends city sensibility with quiet cool. »Bon Vivant« melds sporty chic with a subtle wit. Wearers can make the frames their own by choosing from the latest in refined tones like Frosted Lemon, Petrol, Rouge, Black, Tortoise, Crystal and Nude.



Lunettes Kollektion has its roots in Berlin’s Lunettes Selection shops, which have found a home on the must-see lists of discerning sorts from Architectural Digest to the Louis Vuitton Guide. Carefully curated vintage treasures from Lunettes Selection have been featured in numerous theater, television and film productions, as well as in a bevy of fashion shoots – and of course on the faces of the countless customers who visit the boutiques in Berlin, or find the glasses of their dreams in the Lunettes Selection online shop.